The aircraft

I am going to start flying in just a few months. I reckon it will happen in March, right after the PPL theories are done. That is very soon in my book.

The Finnish Aviation Academy uses subcontractors for the PPL and the NF phases of the training. The alternatives are SL Flight Training and Patria Pilot Training at Helsinki-Malmi Airport (EFHF). I will start my flight training at SL Flight Training. You can check out their fleet here: SL Flight Training. I will be flying their Cessna 152‘s during my PPL and NF training. Maybe the 172’s too. Cessna 152 is a fixed gear general aircraft. It is the most used aircraft for flight training. The total flying time in this phase will be about 40 hours. The fun part of the first phase is that I will be flying above my home. I live very close to the EFHF. I can actually see the lights of the approaching planes from my sofa in my living room. Soon I will be one of them!

SL Flight Training’s Cessna 152 in December 2010 at Tampere-Pirkkala (EFTP): – Cessna 152. The Finnish Aviation Academy’s Cessna FA152 cockpit in flight: – Cessna FA152 cockpit.

After the first phase is over, it is time to pack up my things and continue the training at Pori Airport (EFPO) for the next two years. From August 2013 the available fleet will look like this: Finnish Aviation Academy. FINAA also has a fleet of Cessna 152’s, which are used in CPL training, but the next step will be the Beechcraft BE36 Bonanza, which is used in IR training as well as in CPL training. Bonanza is a more powerful aircraft compared to a Cessna 152, having a 300-horsepower engine compared to the 108 hp in the Cessna. It is also approximately double the Cessna’s weight. The combined flight time in IR and CPL phases is 65 hours, flown in the Bonanza simulator and the Cessna 152 and Bonanza aircraft.

The Finnish Aviation Academy’s Bonanza at EFPO: – Beechcraft Bonanza. The cockpit of a Bonanza: – Beechcraft Bonanza cockpit.

The Extra 300L is an aerobatic plane certified for the load of +/- 8 G with two people on board. It is used in Upset Recovery Training. The purpose of this training is to demonstrate the signs of the aircraft getting into unusual attitudes as well as the techniques to recover from these attitudes. I have a feeling this is going to be FUN! The total flight time in this phase is 0.5-1.5 hours. Check out below, along with a beautiful song, what an Extra 300L can do:

The Finnish Aviation Academy’s Extra 300L: – Extra 300L.

Welcome to the jet age! I am so excited about flying the Phenom 100. This will happen in the ME training phase. The Embraer Phenom 100 is a very light jet with a capacity for four passengers. It can reach the speed of 0.7 Mach, 772 km/h, and an altitude of 41 000 feet, 12 500 m. Can I go already! The combined flight time in the simulator and the aircraft in this phase is 35 hours.

The Finnish Aviation Academy’s Phenom 100 jet at EFHK: – Phenom 100. The cockpit of a Phenom 100: – Phenom 100 cockpit. A great article about the Phenom 100 in Flying Magazine: Phenom 100.

I put together a comparison chart of the aircraft mentioned in this post for an easy comparison of the specifications:

My future aircraft

Note: C152 and BE36 wing spans have gotten mixed up.

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  1. Wow! You get to fly the Phantom for your CPL (IR) ME??? That is BEYOND awesome! I have never flown the 152 myself, just the 172, which is a really good airplane in my opinion. I’m sure the 152 is equally good as a trainer aircraft. My PPL and IR was done in a Cirrus SR20 G2, the most unforgiving aircraft in the world, if you ask me. If I could go back and change anything, it would have to be to do the PPL in a Cessna, and then progress on to the SR20 for IR. That being said, when I got the hang of the aircraft and learned how to control it properly, it is a superb aircraft, so fast! Cruising between 120-140 knots easily.
    I’m going to Florida in 2 weeks to get Instrument current and to do my biennial flight review. All the flying will be done in a C172. I’ll blog about that once I get back :-)

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