Stepping into the future

Stepping into the future

Finnair five leaving Helsinki and heading towards New York.

“Kennedy tower, Finnair five heavy.” I heard that and I thought, that’s what I want to say! I was listening to JFK Tower at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport on LiveATC and hearing that call unexpectedly from across the Atlantic gave me chills. That is what flying represents to me. Going to faraway places, crossing oceans, flying for hours and hours through the night and reaching another continent by morning. There is magic in it for me. And yes, I have practised that call…

I was going to call this post Dreams, but then I realized I am not talking about dreams. I am talking about goals. I am pretty much a goal-oriented person. Yes, I dream. A lot. But if I really want something, it becomes my goal and I do not give up. I strongly believe that where there is a will there is a way. Period. If you really want to achieve something or get to a place in life, you will do whatever it takes, you will jump through all the hoops. This will not happen if it is something you do not really want. If you want to do something just to impress others, because you think it would make you somehow a cooler person or because you think it is something you should do, it seems often those things do not happen. But to make anything happen, you have to believe in yourself. You have to know you will make it. No matter what anybody else says. The more ambitious your goal, the more it seems people like to put it down. Your ambition probably being a reminder for theirs that they have not had courage to fulfill. I just wanted to say these words to all of you dreamers out there! Make your dream your goal and work for it, you will get there.

When it comes to flying, I have always wanted to fly as big an aircraft as possible. My number one goal is to fly a wide-body aircraft. Being Finnish, I of course dream about taking off in a Finnair heavy and turning it towards faraway lands. The size, the power, the noise of the engines, who wouldn’t want to take one up to the sky. I also dream about business jets, the sleek and shiny, beautiful sports car like machines. The possible variety of destinations and unpredictabily in corporate aviation are probably either positives or negatives depending on how you see it. To me it seems like a wondrous world.

As I am very close to starting my pilot training, I am in a reflecting mood, hence this post. It is going to be a new beginning and a new direction for the future. Becoming a pilot has been my goal for a long time. Even though I have had to do other things, work other jobs, the goal has always been in the back of my mind, waiting for a chance to be fulfilled. As I go through my training, I hope that with this blog I can inspire others to make their dreams a reality too.

4 responses to “Stepping into the future

  1. Hieno blogi. Tekstistä huomaa kuinka intohimoinen olet tästä alasta. Tulet varmasti pärjäämään koulussa kun englanninkielikin taipuu noin hyvin. Onnea ja menestystä opintoihin. :)

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