Entering the first phase

My half of the class starts next Monday at SL Flight Training at Malmi airport (EFHF). The other half started a few weeks ago at Patria Pilot Training. Once we move to Pori in August, the class will become merged. Our class is called SIO21. SIO is an appreviation of the Finnish Aviation Acedemy’s name in Finnish, Suomen Ilmailuopisto.

Today I received more information about the coming months at Malmi. The training at Malmi is estimated to last until July, but is of course subject to changes because of weather or other variables. This first training phase covering the PPL (Private pilot’s license) will consist of about 150 hours of theory and at least 45 hours of flying. In addition to the PPL, NF (Night flying) training will be done at SL Flight Training. It covers theory worth of 7 hours and 5 hours of flying. NF training will possibly be arranged at another city’s airport.

Training will be fulltime so a typical day in a classroom will be 0900-1615. During flight training a typical day will start around 0730, include 1-2 flights with preparations, and end around 1630. Starting in May, through the summer, flying will be done in two shifts. The morning shift begins at 0630 and the afternoon shift at 1330. The days still include 1-2 flights and the day will last about 8 hours.

This is how my next few months will look. I am really excited about Monday and getting the books and the other gear. Let’s get back to that next week!

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