First day of school

The catch of the first day.

Today was the first day of school. It was a short day, basically an introduction to the training and the facilities of SL Flight Training. It was great to meet my classmates too. Such nice guys! We are only 6 from the SIO21 class, the rest are training at Patria Pilot Training, but next week a few of SL Flight Training’s own students will join us so I guess it’s gonna be a few more people sitting in the classroom after that.

Today we also got our books, a series of seven Air Pilot’s Manual books, probably familiar to many, and two books in Finnish about radio communication and human performance, as well as some regulations in the binder. We also got a navigation plotter and a circular computer, of which I will tell more about once I learn about them myself. Anyhow the packaging of the first one states “The most accurate way to get there and back” and the latter “The ultimate manual flight computer, useful in high and low speed problems”. I take their word for it.

The books cover the subjects of the PPL theory which we will go through during the next 5-6 weeks:

 1 Air Law 
 2 Aircraft General Knowledge 
 3 Flight Planning and Performance 
 4 Human Performance and Limitations
 5 Meteorology
 6 Navigation
 7 Operational Procedures
 8 Principles of Flight
 9 Communications
 10 General Safety

This first week we will start with Human Performance and Limitations and Operational Procedures. We will take exams on every subject at the school as well as the Finnish civil aviation authority Trafi’s exams. The first school exam will be already on Friday on Operational Procedures. Human Performance and Limitations exam will be on Monday. No time to waste!

It looks like we will start flying in the end of March, before Easter. NF (Night Flying) training will be done in September since we won’t have time to do it this spring before the nights get too short in Finland. This week on Thursday and Friday we will have our introductory flights, if everything goes as planned. I am pretty sure it will act as a huge motivation boost to get through all those books and exams!

5 responses to “First day of school

  1. Best of luck to you Niina! You’ll get through those books, though it might seem a bit intimidating at first. The introduction flight will definitely be a motivational booster :)

  2. Niina, how come these books have English written on the cover? Must you know both English and Finnish? I thought the whole course was taught in Finnish.

    • Hi Brandon, the Oxford ATPL books are quite standardly used all over. There are no ATPL books in Finnish to my knowledge. Our classes and flight training are still conducted in Finnish, also most of the other material we get (slides, operating handbooks etc.) are in Finnish. However English is of course the official language of aviation and we must master that too. That’s why according to aviation regulations, we among other non-natives must take the language test and pass it with a score of at least 4 (1-6). Also, the official exams are in English beyond the PPL level. Hopefully this clears it out for you. :)

      Edit: Just realized you commented on the PPL books.. Well, the same answer applies. There are no comprehensive books in Finnish for the PPL either.

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