PPL theory under way

Malmi airport at dawn.

Malmi airport at dawn on the 2nd day of school.

The first week of school is done. Two exams done. The Operational Procedures exam was last Friday and the Human Performance and Limitations exam was today. So far our class is full of nerds, we all got excellent results on the Friday’s exam.

Operational Procedures handled mainly aviation regulations published in Trafi’s OPS M2-1, a Finnish counterpart for ICAO‘s Annex 6 Part II, a publication about standards and recommended practises for International General Aviation – Aeroplanes. OPS M2-1 lists for example the basic equipment and document requirements for all airplanes, minimum equipment for a VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight, equipment and aircraft lighting requirements for night flying, minimum required fuel, and the responsibilities of a pilot in command. Also covered in the subject were ICAO Annex 12 and 13, Search and Rescue, and Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation.

Human Performance and Limitations covered the basics about Medical I and II, atmosphere, circulatory system, effects of air pressure and lack of oxygen in high altitudes, the basics of vision and hearing and sense of balance, as well as errors in the sense of balance caused by visual illusions or motion. We also had few hours on the psychological side, covering the basics of sensory data processing, decision making, memory, stress, alertness and fatigue, the last one being a very current subject.

I wrote last week that we had our introductory flights planned for last week. They didn’t happen due to bad weather. It has been snowing a lot, visibility has been poor and cloud ceiling has been very low. Hopefully they happen soon anyway! I also wrote that we will have more students in our class this week. It turned out we had one more person join us today. We are now seven in class. Nice little bunch. I’m enjoying our group very much.

Today we started with a new subject, Air Law. Three more subjects are starting this week: Aircraft General Knowledge, General Safety and Communications. On with the show.

Anybody interested in Finnish aviation regulations (in Finnish), you can read them here: Trafi.fi – Ilmailumääräykset.

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