The first entry in the logbook

OH-CAP waiting by the hangar door.

I had my introductory flight today! I logged 20 minutes in air. Here is how it went.

The aircraft had just come from a 100-hour maintenance and waited us in the hangar sparkling clean. First however, me and another student and our instructor went through all the pre-flight paper work. We checked the weather reports, filed the flight plans and then did the walk around to check the plane was fit to fly.  Mostly us students just tagged along and observed, but we got to do the fuel check. Our aircraft today was a Cessna 152 (OH-CAP).

Looking good. Ready to go.

Then it was time to hop in. I was up first. I climbed up to the left seat and buckled up. On the way to the runway holding point , I got to try taxiing the plane. It was a bit windy and it wasn’t that easy to keep the plane on the center line, especially when I’m not used to steering with my feet. But we reached the runway 18 holding point Bravo and did the last checks before informing the Malmi tower that we’re ready. After two landings in front of us we were cleared for take off. The instructor took off, but pretty soon after that he declared “your controls” and I was flying! The weather was a little bumpy and it was really interesting to just feel the new element – air. It’s hard to describe how it felt other than that it was FUN. Felt like a little kid!

We left the EFHF control zone via reporting point NOKKA. This is where I spoke my first words with the air traffic control. The second time a few minutes later coming back in. We flew a while along the Helsinki shore, passing the city center, and then I did a nice turn back. The altimeter needle seemed to move quite easily! I had to concentrate somewhat on keeping the altitude. I guess I could’ve had a lighter touch on the controls. We came back via NOKKA and pretty soon after that the instructor took back the controls. We joined the EFHF traffic circuit, flew over my neighbourhood and came in for landing.

Turning to the base leg of EFHF traffic circuit.

Runway 18 in sight.

Runway 18 in sight.

Final approach.

Final approach.

The instructor did a nice crosswind landing. I got to try taxiing again going back to the hangar. I guess the wind had died down a little, it went a little better this time! After the post-flight checks, I jumped out and my student colleague had his turn. After he came from his flight, smiling wide, we all parked the aircraft and put on the engine and wing covers. Then it was time to fill in the first entry in the logbook.

There it is - my first logbook entry!

There it is – my first logbook entry!

What a day! We start flying for real in about 3 weeks’ time. This is getting exciting!

9 responses to “The first entry in the logbook

  1. Congratulations! That will be the first of many flight log book entries to come :) And great photos of your flight too! Good job on controlling the plane and talking to ATC (which I will admit can be a bit scary lol)

  2. You have slipped the surly bonds….Life will never be the same again. I am proud of you and excited for your future! You will blink your eyes and you will be the instructor taking some wide eyed kid up for their first time. This is so great, enjoy every day.

  3. Congratulations on your first flight! Once it gets you, there’s no escape; you’re a pilot forever. It gets easier, and before you know it you’ll be flying on instruments and teaching others!

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