PPL ground school done!

The view from SL Flight Training’s hangar.

This week was the last week of PPL theory. No more sitting in class and looking at planes taking off behind the classroom window. Next week we start flying too!

These past two weeks have been quite busy. There have been a lot of new things to digest especially in Principles of Flight and Flight Performance and Planning. We had exams on Navigation and Principles of Flight this week. On Monday I felt like it really is time for this week to be the last week of ground school. Taking it one day at a time Friday arrived quickly. I think I can speak for everyone, that on Friday we felt relief, joy and accomplishment, as well as excitement for the flying training.

View from Malmi tower towards north. Runway 18/36 on the left.

The view from Malmi tower towards north. Runway 18/36 on the left.

On Wednesday we had a chance to visit the Malmi tower and observe the air traffic control in action. Not a lot of action before noon though since the weather wasn’t very good, but we did get to hear a few conversations between pilots and ATC. I have listened to air traffic communication quite a lot online, but it is a whole different view seeing what you hear in front of your eyes. It was a good experience and it was interesting to hear how it all works in the tower. We were also invited to visit again once we have flown ourselves for a while.

This week we got familiar with the Pilot’s Operating Handbook of the Cessna 152, which we got couple of weeks ago. It contains all the descriptive and operational information about the aircraft and its’ systems, performance data, operating limitations, normal and emergency procedure checklists and airspeeds, to name a few. We have an open book exam on that the first thing on Monday. After that it’s time to get familiar with the Cessna 152 itself. We have been divided into pairs for the flying training and me and my partner have a plane booked already for Monday afternoon! And then for the rest of the week except Thursday. Let’s all hope for blue skies!

No more just kicking tires!

No more just kicking tires!

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