First week in Pori

Proud to wear this from now on.

Proud to wear this from now on.

The first school week in Pori was fun, exciting and a little wild. It was great to meet all my classmates again, as well as everyone new. We were previously split in two groups for the PPL phase and a few of us already had PPL. Now our class – SIO21 – is together for the rest of the journey.

The week started with a welcoming gathering where we met most everyone in the staff. Later in the week we had our initiation ceremony, a welcoming party arranged by the older students. To sum up that night, what happens in Pori, stays in Pori.

This week we have been getting familiar with the school procedures. We have also revised the Cessna 152 operations. Some of us, those who studied at Patria Pilot Training, have not yet flown a Cessna at all. But some of it was also new to us who flew the PPL in a C152. In Pori we will also fly the Aerobat version of the C152 and it differs slightly from the regular when it comes to speeds, performance and other figures. The differences aren’t huge, but they need to be memorized.

This box is HEAVY.

This box is HEAVY.

The ATPL books have nice cover photos.

The ATPL books have nice cover photos.

It’s always fun to get aviation related stuff. This week we received our pilot suits, overalls if you will. We also received the ATPL books. We won’t start the ATPL theory until after summer of 2014 though. We were also informed about the schedule for the next two years. The first thing this fall we start PIC time building. It means that we fly solo as pilot-in-command to gain experience and to build 100 hours as PIC, which is required for a CPL (Commercial Pilot License). This fall we will also fly the NF (Night Flying) rating. Later in the fall we start the IR (Instrument Rating) theory and after that the IR flight training. The first half of next year will consist of IR flights as well as PIC time building. We have been warned it will be a busy time for us. After the summer of 2014 we start the ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) theory, which lasts the rest of the year. Then it’s time for CPL flight training. After that it’s time to get familiar with the Phenom 100 jet for the ME (Multi-Engine) rating. The last phase will be the MCC (Multi-Crew Co-operation) training. The estimated graduation is in August 2015.

The exciting news is that it looks like we will be adding one more aircraft to our training. The school has ordered three Diamond DA42 VI (check out the video) aircraft, which will be delivered in March 2014. We will use them for our CPL training. The new aircraft will replace the old Bonanzas, that are used for IR as well as CPL training, but since we start our IR training already later this year, we will still fly the Bonanza. I’m quite happy about that.

One of the most interesting lessons this week were the ones given by a seasoned fire brigafe chief. He talked to us about fire safety. He had some great real-life stories to tell. It was an extremely enjoyable lesson. We also had a chance to put out some fires with different methods. We tried a fire blanket and different kinds of fire extinguishers, water, foam and carbon dioxide.

Going to put out a fire with a smile on my face!

Going to put out a fire with a smile on my face!

Into the fire.

Into the fire.

It's out.

It’s out.

Such a mess. Don't play with fire!

Such a mess. Don’t play with fire!

Let’s see if we get up in the air next week!

6 responses to “First week in Pori

  1. Welcome back. I have been missing my weekly updates on flight school. Yes the box of books are quite heavy. Just wait until you get that knowledge in your brain. It will be hard to keep your head upright.

    I joke that I can still learn new stuff but I have to make room by forgetting my dog’s names and kid’s birthdays.

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