Back in the saddle again

The familiar cockpit of a Cessna 152.

The familiar cockpit of the Cessna 152.

Back in the Cessna saddle again. We started flying this week! The week consisted of two days of flying and a few days of sitting in the classroom. All in all a great week.

On Monday we had our last lessons on the school procedures and the exam on the Cessna. We also got to hear about the quality system at the school from the director of quality. It was great to learn about the emphasis on the quality of training and everything else in the school. These few weeks have given me a very good impression on the school and the training as it is. Everything feels very professional.

Come Tuesday, it was time to fly. Many happy faces at the hangar again! The first flight was a recap of basically everything we have learned so far. I did 30-, 45- and 60-degree turns, slow flying, forward slip, different kinds of stall recoveries, recoveries from unusual attitudes, a forced landing exercise and flying a circle and a rectangle around a spot. It was great to get back in the air after 1.5 months. I didn’t have time to do any private flying after all during summer, because it took quite a while for the license to arrive. The break had had its’ effects and the first take-off and climb was a good reminder on how the Cessna flies and feels!

Kim pumping 100LL.

Kim pumping 100LL.

At Malmi we just called Shell and they filled up the tanks. Here we do it ourselves.

At Malmi we just called Shell and they filled up the tanks. Here we do it ourselves.

On the second flight on Wednesday I did most of the maneuvers again as well as an engine failure during take-off and spot landings. I also got to fly a few rounds in the traffic circuit. That’s something I had been looking forward to and it was great. I was happy to do some approaches and landings. All in all I gathered 8 landings on that flight. The crosswind on that day was 8-10 kt, which gave me an opportunity to practise crosswind landings. EFPO is a windy place and crosswind is pretty common. I see that as a good thing, we will have plenty of chances to practise the crosswind landings. They’re something you want to ace.

Antti and Jusa looking sharp at the fueling station.

Antti and Jusa looking sharp at the fueling station.

The rest of the week we sat in class for the night flying theory. We went through Air Law and ATC procedures, human performance and limitations as well as operational procedures related to night flying. This of course leads to Night Flying training. It looks like we are going to Kuopio (EFKU) in a week or so to complete the NF rating. EFKU is a pretty cool airport, because it’s mostly surrounded by water (link to Google Maps). I’m really looking forward to seeing the runway lights in the dark.

10 responses to “Back in the saddle again

  1. Always great and enthusiased to read your blogs on the training to becoming a pilot. Awesome flow on events and all the best

  2. I agree, I thoroughly enjoy reading about your training. Best wished to you and everyone in your class.

    Flying is a perishable skill, especially early on. It goes away very quickly. Stay proficient, my friend.

      • Actually no, I never feel like that. I have found as I have built my time, I actually realize how rusty my skills are and it is more apparent. It only takes a couple of flights to get the scan back, the hands to feel right and the sight picture to return.

        But those couple of flights, I feel like a monkey trying to make love to a football. The American version of a football. It is totally unnatural.

        But yes, when the comfort level returns. It is much like ridding a bike, and believe it or not. It can be done safely after a week of flying at night, when you are the Captain are bleeding from your eyeballs, your Situational Awareness starts about 10 minutes behind the airplane, and you are so fatigued that you really don’t care. At that moment, it is still possible because of the habit patters you are learning today to be safe.

  3. Thanks for the nice image! Sounds reasonable. Many people keep saying it’s like riding a bike. But I think you might have a point there, that it takes that little moment before you’re back there riding like you used to.

  4. I was also very eager to see the runway in the dark but it’s actually quite difficult. I also imagined the beautiful and epic lighted runway from the big world but here in Kuopio you can almost count the amount of runway lights with your fingers! Makes it more challenging though :)

  5. I actually found it very fun, challenging and quite atmospheric and am looking forward to continue it when I receive my license :) I guess it’s all about one’s own attitude. My FI encouraged me a lot to fly at night, but another one said it only for those who have no instinct of self-preservation :D

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