Flying around Western Finland

These past three weeks I have been flying around Western Finland. I have visited eight new airfields, watched swans resting at a swamp as well as flying South beneath me, watched the fall arrive in form of the changing scenery and built over sixteen hours of PIC time.

We have been flying mostly in three shifts, morning, day and evening, between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening. The timeframe has diminished every week due to sunrise becoming later and sunset becoming earlier. Mostly we have had a plane reservation for about four hours. Occasionally it can be longer. We can plan and execute a flight in that timeframe due to our liking. Four hours does set some limitations regarding how far you can go. But it’s been great flying around Western Finland and seeing many new airfields.

There have been some memorable moments. Seeing swans fly by is a great sight. Hearing Finnair 5 on the frequency on its’ way to New York is ever so exciting. Seeing places from the air you’ve been to so many times in your life is thrilling. Talking to your course buddy on the frequency when you arrive at the same airfield makes you think about how far we’ve already come in less than a year. It’s hard to describe the feelings you get flying up there. All I can say is that every once in a while I stop to think I am right here where I wanted to be, doing what I so long wanted to do. And then I always have to take a moment to appreciate that.

Flying will take a hiatus for a couple of months now. On Monday we start the IR theory. I’m looking forward to this next phase. PIC flying will continue later on alongside the IR flight training.

I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking this time.

Ready to go on runway 12.

Ready to go on runway 12.

Leaving Pori. A good landmark – a high mast.

Coming to Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Sometimes the sun makes the scenery magical.

Waves in Lake Pyhäjärvi on a windy day.

Kiikala (EFIK) airfield.

A colorful bog.

A powerline crossing. A great landmark also.

Kauhajoki (EFKJ) airfield.

The first week of flying was very windy. Lake Isojärvi near Pori.

Coming back to Pori on a gloomy day.

And then it was sunny! Lake Isojärvi in sunshine.

Fall colors.

On my way to Vaasa (EFVA).

Lauhanvuori National Park.

Finnish countryside in Southern Ostrobothnia.

Jurva village.

Western coast of Finland.

A very bright greenhouse even in daylight.

One of those views.

City of Kristiinankaupunki on the coast.

Once again back in Pori from North. The airport is just behind the city.

It can get a little crowded at the fuel station.

Sometimes the view is dreamlike. River Kokemäenjoki in Pori. Special VFR conditions.

And the skies are blue again. Passing Lake Pyhäjärvi.

Approaching EFPO from South.

River Loimijoki near Huittinen.

Forssa (EFFO) airfield in the middle of the photo. Not very easy to spot?

Fall colors around a lake.

Jutikkala mansion and Tampere motorway near Toijala.

Sääksmäki bridge.

City of Valkeakoski.

More fall colors.

I love the contrast that the bright blue makes with the green and the brown.

Coming back to EFPO from East.

Cessna 152 Aerobat.

City of Ikaalinen in sight.

The last flight was an evening shift.

Sunset time.

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