Back to school

Back to books!

Back to books!

I have been back to school for a month now and it’s time to finally write the first post in the ATPL category. Once again I can only wonder how time flies. The ATPL theory seemed so far away a year ago and here we are. Next year this time we have just graduated. In the beginning of August we also welcomed yet another new class to the school – SIO23. It was nice to hear from many of them they have been following my blog. Thanks again guys and welcome to Pori!

The school started at full speed the very first day. Basically our school weeks are 5-day weeks with 7 lessons a day starting at 8 o’clock. What a shock after a wonderful long summer holiday! Now after a few weeks it has gotten easier. It’s going to be many hours sat in class and spent studying, but I have a feeling that at this pace these few months until Christmas will go by very fast. The flight training continues in January. Later on this fall we should have a visit to the Tampere ACC (Area Control Center). It’s going to be interesting to see how they work.

It's not all work! Two handsome pilots in party mood in the beginning of August.

It’s not all work all the time! Two handsome pilots in party mode in the beginning of August.

So far we have already gone through the Principles of Flight and had the school exam on it. This is the subject I was not looking forward to in advance. It’s not really my strong suit. But I did very well on the exam and I think I’ve gotten a fairly good grip on it. Hard work pays off they say. Other subjects we have started and are still going on are Communications, Air Law, General Navigation, Mass & Balance, Operational Procedures and Aircraft General Knowledge. In AGK we are going through the Airframes & Systems and talk about the landing gear, brakes, emergency equipment, flight control systems etc. In M&B we calculate weights and floor loadings and re-position baggage and passengers in the aircraft to move the center of gravity to acceptable limits. Air Law and Operational Procedures now deal with commercial air transport. I find it all really interesting now that we’re talking about big jets. I’ve never really wanted to be a Cessna pilot!

The other day we got to take a closer look at the new Diamond DA42 aircraft the school received this spring. I will try to make a more detailed presentation about the aircraft later on, but here are a couple of pictures for now. The latest info is that we will fly our CPL flights with the Diamond.

Diamond DA42.

Diamond DA42.

The screens are pretty awesome.

The screens are pretty awesome.

2 responses to “Back to school

  1. These books brings back same memories. I’ve been doing som recap reading the last couple of week as preparation for my CPL/ME/IR training starting in october :)
    Looking forward to read a rview on the DA42! I actually had the option between training in DA42 at one school, or a 1976 Beechcraft (BE-95) with steam guages at an other school. I made the choice to go old-style…

    Good luck with the ATPL!

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