I am going through a 2.5-year training to become an airline transport pilot. I started my flight training at the Finnish Aviation Academy in February 2013. I will complete my PPL(A) (Private Pilot’s License) at EFHF (Helsinki-Malmi Airport) after which my training continues at EFPO (Pori Airport). I will complete the NF(A) (Night Flight rating) in the fall and then continue with IR(A) (Instrument Rating), CPL(A) (Commercial Pilot License), ATPL(A) (Airline Transport Pilot License) theory, Upset Recovery Training, ME (Multi-Engine rating) and finally MCC (Multi Crew Co-operation) training.

I have enjoyed reading many flight training blogs over the years. And as well as sharing my experiences with family and friends, I wanted to share them with other future pilots as a kind of payback. Flying has been a dream of mine for over 15 years. I hope everybody gets to fulfill their own, sooner or later. And I hope you enjoy this blog.

Please note the views and opinions expressed in this blog are that of the author and not the Finnish Aviation Academy, any other flying school, any flying instructor or any other individual mentioned herein.

All images are copyrighted by me unless otherwise stated. Do not use without my permission.

11 responses to “About BECOMING PILOT.

  1. Hi! Just ran across your blog, it is great! Altough, it makes me kinda anxious, application process seems to be a long and bumpy road. But I can’t loose anything if I send my application on 2015, right? :D

    Bit about the finances, how did you arrange it? Did you take a loan from the bank or do you just happen to have 13000 euros saved up for this moment?

    • Hi! Thank you! The application process is a long road and a little anxious, but you can’t win unless you try, right? :)

      Personally, I didn’t have to take a loan, but many do.

      Good luck!

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